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When and How to Scalp Care After Hair Transplant

The first 2 weeks of scalp caring is important after the surgery. It might influence the final result of hair transplant.

When can I wash my transplanted hair and Scalp?

From our collaborated dermatologists’ experience: about 24-48hrs after the surgery, the post-op hair, and the transplanted area would begin to form a layer of scab, it would be the time to wash your hair. For ensuring your transplanted scalp is ready for washing, please confirm it with your doctor first.

Must Do for Scalp Care After Hair Transplant

  • BE GENTLE (extra gentle) to transplanted scalp.

  • AVOID rubbing transplanted scalp.

  • DO NOT put your head upside down for washing. The blood might run too fast to your head and influence the transplanted scalp wound recovery.

How to Wash Transplanted Hair and Scalp

Step 1: Using an extra gentle scalp cleanser

Dilute MediPRO scalp purifying liquid shampoo with water in a foaming bottle (foam dispenser).

The dilute ratio is 1:1

(Precaution: MediPRO scalp purifying liquid shampoo contain peppermint, whoever are allergic to it, should avoid using it)

Step 2: Rinse hair with cool water

Apply cool water gently over the transplanted area.

The shower might be too strong for your sensitive scalp, wrapping the showerhead with a towel ( handkerchief ) can slow down the water running.

Step 3: Apply the foamed shampoo all over the scalp with gentle petting.

Step 4: Rinse off the shampoo, then repeat the step 2 and step 3 for the second wash.

Step 5: Dry your face and hair with a clean towel, SKIP the post-op hair and the transplant area.

Blow-dry the post-op hair and the transplant area instead (Step 6)

Most do it gently.

Step 6: Blow dry your scalp with cool temperature.

Step 7: Hydrate your scalp with gentle scalp care spray

Give your post-op hair and transplanted area the care it deserves with MediPRO Simply Hydro Scalp Spray. This soothing spray effectively relieves skin tightness, scalp itchiness, and redness. Experience relief and rejuvenation for a comfortable and nourished scalp.



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