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About MediPRO™

The MediPRO™ series is a distinguished line of medical products offered by AROMASE.

Behind MediPRO™

AROMASE's extensive experience in developing scalp and hair products, spanning over 60 years, has allowed us to collaborate closely with dermatologists to create effective scalp care solutions.


We work with 40+ major hospitals and 500+ dermatology clinics to ensure that our products are designed to be used by individuals at home, with the guidance of dermatologists, to achieve optimal scalp health.

Through the analysis of over 500,000 scalp cases, we have gained valuable insights into the specific needs of patients with

It is with these insights in mind that we have created MediPRO™, a range of products that provide gentle care with exceptional efficacy.


​Partner Clinics

  • May I use scalp purifying liquid shampoo everyday?
    The frequency of using this scalp deep cleanser depends on the condition of your scalp. The specialized formula of the purifying liquid shampoo effectively eliminates scalp buildup and dandruff, although it is not intended for daily use. For individuals with dermatitis, it is advisable to apply the cleanser once daily to the affected area. Upon observing improvement, reduce the frequency to 1-2 times per week. However, the severity of scalp conditions can vary from person to person. It is highly recommended that you seek guidance from your doctor for personalized advice.
  • What's difference between MediPRO and AROMASE regular line?
    MediPRO is a revolutionary solution for individuals with severe scalp conditions seeking fast and effective relief. While our regular line excels in providing scalp cleanliness and maintaining overall health, MediPRO is specifically tailored to address the needs of those with extremely sensitive and troublesome scalps. Unlike the regular line, which suits the majority of the public market, MediPRO offers targeted care for individuals with severe scalp conditions. We understand that some scalps require extra attention and gentle treatment, and that's where MediPRO steps in. With MediPRO, we have conducted extensive IRB testing and obtained remarkable results, ensuring its efficacy and reliability.
  • Is it possible to buy MediPRO online?
    In certain markets, the feasibility may be limited, and we do not offer any MediPRO products for online sale. MediPro proudly stands as the only medical scalp care line exclusively accessible to dermatologists and scalp centers. It is highly recommended that users follow their doctor's guidelines and utilize MediPro for optimal results in addressing severe scalp care concerns.
  • Can MediPRO help combat hair loss?
    Yes, it is ideal for thinning hair and scalp care before and after hair transplant procedures. At MediPRO, we are committed to revitalizing your hair, restoring its natural strength and vibrance. By nurturing a stable and healthy scalp, we create the perfect environment for beautiful hair to flourish. Experience the remarkable transformation as your locks radiate more vibrancy than ever before.


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