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MediPRO Speech at the Biotechnological Innovations Conference Poland

We are delighted to share our experience and insights from the 1st International Scientific Conference "Biotechnological Innovations in the Trichology Industry" that took place on March 24, 2023, at The University of Health in Gdańsk. It was a privilege and a joy for MediPRO to take part in this wonderful event in the field of trichology, organized by a respected institution.

Topics of Biotechnological Innovations Conference

The conference brought together experts, researchers, practitioners and students from different countries and backgrounds to share their insights and experiences on the latest developments and challenges in the trichology industry. Trichology is the science of hair and scalp health, and it covers a wide range of topics such as hair loss, hair growth, hair transplantation, scalp disorders, scalp care and more. AROMASE had three speakers who shared their expertise and knowledge on different aspects of scalp health.

MediPRO insight/ Overcoming the Neglect of Scalp Health

Eric Chen, the founder and CEO of AROMASE, talked about the missing corner of scalp health, which is often overlooked or neglected by many people. He explained how scalp health is closely related to hair health and overall well-being, and how AROMASE products can help restore the balance and harmony of the scalp ecosystem.

MediPRO insight/ Preparing the Scalp for Hair Transplant Surgery

This topic discussed the importance of scalp care before and after hair transplant surgery. She demonstrated how AROMASE products can help prepare the scalp for the surgery, reduce inflammation and infection, speed up healing and recovery, and enhance the results and longevity of the transplant.

MediPRO insight/ The Trichology Industry’s Need for ESG: Commitment to Sustainability and Social Responsibility

This topic shared on why ESG (environmental, social and governance) is a must-learn thing in the trichology industry. She explained how AROMASE is committed to sustainability and social responsibility in its business practices, such as using natural ingredients, reducing packaging waste, supporting local communities and promoting education and awareness.

MediPRO insight/ Innovations of sustainable development in the trichology industry – enabling factors, strategies, and obstacles

AROMASE highlighted the growing demand for green and ethical products from consumers who are more aware and concerned about the environmental and social issues related to hair care. Our team also shared how we meet the demand for green and ethical products with the MediPRO series, which has been designed to be sustainably suitable.

We would like to thank The University of Health in Gdańsk for hosting this wonderful event. The conference was a great opportunity to learn from the best in the field of trichology, network with like-minded professionals and enthusiasts, and discover new trends and innovations in the industry.



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