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MediPRO won Taiwan Excellence Awards

AROMASE was a winner of this year’s Taiwan Excellence Awards, the world-renowned design prize. The winning product, AROMASE – MediPRO 5α Juniper Scalp Purifying Liquid Shampoo.

Not Only A Scalp Care Shampoo

Everything on earth lives in the great circle of life, only sustainability could regenerate and recycle. The fundamental way to solve the scalp problem is also derived from the same conception.

The patented bottle is especially from the design mind to create a missing corner that infused the spirit of helping the people in need. The brand is recognized as a symbol concerning the “unseen needs” of this society.

Institutional Review Board of MediPRO

“MediPRO” is born for medical treatment exclusively for doctors to take good care of the patients. The uniquely developed herbal formula is simply to purify the scalp and build up a healthy scalp circulation. The medical personnel could use a medicine-free shampoo to help patients get rid of the problematic scalp and embrace the healthy scalp ecosystem.

The “IRB” (Institutional Review Board, IRB) medical experiment report has confirmed “MediPRO™” shampoo’s effectiveness and recommends it as the best choice as the medical solution after scalp diagnosis. Read more about MediPRO IRB result.

Sustainability Designed of MediPRO

MediPRO™‘s outer box is made of recycled paper pulp, and the patented missing corner bottle is made of recycled milk containers. Most importantly, the shampoo ingredient is biological cycle-friendly.

In 2020, MediPRO™ embraced the value chain strategy, transitioning towards a circular economy throughout the product life cycle. This commitment led to their certification by the prestigious Cradle to Cradle BRONZE, making them the first shampoo brand in Asia to achieve this distinction. Not stopping there, in 2023, MediPRO™ further advanced their sustainability efforts, attaining the Cradle to Cradle Silver certification.

A comprehensive assessment of their progress revealed remarkable achievements, with MediPRO™ successfully reducing carbon emissions by an impressive 97.3 percent. Additionally, they demonstrated their commitment to environmental stewardship by planting 2600 20-year-old trees.

These accomplishments showcase MediPRO™ as a beacon of eco-consciousness, setting a shining example for the industry while ensuring a greener, more sustainable future.

Extending the core value of regeneration, health, and sustainability from the care of people to the care of the earth. MediPRO is a shampoo born for medical treatment and for the sustainable cycle of our mother earth.



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